What Commercial Lighting Projects Will You Launch in 2022?

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What Commercial Lighting Projects Will You Launch in 2022?

photo credit: Photo 46006861 / Electrical © Ratmaner | Dreamstime.com

2022 could be a breakout year for new commercial lighting projects. As commercial activity returns to normal, updating buildings and other facilities to use energy-saving LED lighting could be at the top of many project lists. ROI for LED is no longer an “if” but a “how soon and how much” question for businesses looking to get an edge coming out of the doldrums of the past couple of years. But what kinds of projects might these be? Not every company will be in a position to make substantial capital improvements right out of the gate.

Updating/Upgrading a Building’s Lighting to LED

One prominent example of a large-scale lighting project would be converting a building or facility from incandescent/fluorescent lighting to LED. With a move toward repurposing older vintage buildings for modern use, converting to LED is a desirable choice. ATEK was involved in one such operation when the U.S. State Department upgraded and modernized the American Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, with LED lighting. Working through UNISON as a UNISON-sourced project, the embassy benefited significantly by reducing recurring costs and maintenance. Other examples include repurposing former shopping malls and degraded neighborhood commercial buildings in Detroit, MI and other hard-hit cities across the country. You can inject new life into neighborhood revitalization projects by renovating and modernizing the facilities. These are a boon to local economies, particularly given the need to jump-start activity in specific locales.

Electrical Infrastructure Upgrades to Commercial buildings

Technology in modern buildings never stands still, and businesses or real estate investment groups can reap financial benefits by upgrading HVAC systems, electrical infrastructure, and network infrastructure. Old, worn-out infrastructure can take a toll on a business financially and, in worst-case scenarios, in safety. Just as with our U.S. Interstate System, a building’s electrical system is like the circulatory system in your body. A wrong junction box, bad connectors, or raceway conduit can bring an otherwise productive building to a halt. To maximize value in their investments, management companies and investors are looking to add new electrical and computer network systems to boost the value of their buildings. These upgrades effectively bring an old building into the 21st century and extend its life span. This has the additional benefit of reducing the need for new construction and urban spread while nourishing the local economies.

Add Solar Energy to Your Commercial Building or Home

Solar can mean savings on energy, even if it doesn’t completely replace the need for the grid. With solar equipment prices dropping more and more every year, will 2022 be the year that you dip your toe in the water? More and more businesses are utilizing solar energy to at least partially power mission-critical electrical systems. Integrating renewable energy systems with the grid requires a specific kind of equipment. ATEK has the parts you need to incorporate solar energy as much or as little as you want.

Adding Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to Your Facilities or Home

Electric vehicles have proven that they are here to stay, and now may be the perfect time to start encouraging their use by installing EV power stations. Perhaps you can even integrate solar power with your charging stations! Although there are some issues with correctly implementing solar and EV charging, engineering is improving all the time. Some solutions use the solar panel either as or on top of a carport type arrangement, thus saving space and running extra wiring from the inverter. Add to this the fact that most localities and states offer attractive incentives to invest in solar upgrades. Innovative programs like EV charging stations also attract top talent to your business and help you stay ahead of your competition.

These are just a few of the ideas we came up with that might be on your radar. What projects are you considering?

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