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Below are a handful of the service areas ATEK serves.

LED Lighting Upgrade Planning

ATEK works on domestic and foreign projects for new builds or retrofits.

Our project portfolio includes structures from municipal projects all the way to foreign embassies half way around the world.

We are experienced in making sure the product adheres to project specifications

We have strong network of suppliers that can get the product anywhere it needs to go.

Uniquely positioned to service government entities

Solar Installation

ATEK and its partner network have performed numerous installations on buildings ranging from homes to utility-scale projects.

Solar energy adoption is only increasing in every phase of modern infrastructure. Trust ATEK to source the best materials and installation platforms for a smooth, robust installation.

Installations on ground or roofs

Innovative mounting systems facilitate projects

Can scope projects of any size

EV Charging Infrastructure

EV Charging stations are more than a convenience at this point.

Commercial as well as residential facilities are finding demand of ev charging stations soar these days. With the rise of electrical vehicles in high gear, many locations will have to address this demand or lose competitive advantage.

Suppliers of advanced, scalable ev charging

Installation experts

Partnering with additional service providers for emergencies

Power Systems

Power storage is becoming crucial in make modern energy generations solutions work.

Battery storage is becoming more practical as battery technology advances and costs decline. Correctly sized solar + battery storage enables homeowners to minimize their grid dependency. Commercial facilities can realize cost savings and keep up with ever-changing local clean energy initiatives.

Our partner network is locally operated and owned

More than 10 years experience

Maximize your investment for faster ROI