ATEK Distribution is Spotlighting Vericom’s VC5 Series Network Cabinets

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ATEK Distribution is Spotlighting Vericom’s VC5 Series Network Cabinets

ATEK Distribution is highlighting a very special product that we’re carrying. That is the VC5 series of Network Cabinets by Vericom. The variety of configurations that you can get with these cabs is absolutely amazing. You can custom order these cabinets with combinations of different power supplies, removable and lockable half-height side panels, pre-installed cable troughs on front cabinet rails, multiple cable access points with air containment on top of cabinets, and much, much more.

We encourage people interested in buying these products to call us so we can make sure we get specifications correct before ordering. There are so many options that accurate configuration and pricing on the website would be difficult.

What Vericom Says:

Vericom Network Cabinets are designed and built to U.S. industry standards and provide a customizable solution for data center build-outs, network rooms, or IT closets. The feature-rich, robust design can be shipped as a custom-configured solution that is fully assembled with Vericom accessories pre-installed.

Available as an open frame or complete enclosure in multiple size combinations/colors and five available door options, Vericom cabinets offer a variety of options and features to meet your specific needs.


Security & Protection

  • Locking Doors and side panels prevent unauthorized access to equipment
  • Two pairs of adjustable 19″ EIA rails provide a stable mounting structure


  • Vertical cable management channel on each side features T-shaped fingers and various sizeholes/slots for organizing cables
  • Rails and cable channels can be easily repositioned in labeled, one cm increments to accommodate various equipment depths
  • Removable and lockable half-height side panels
  • Doors hinge on either side and swing open 180° to provide superior access for installation and maintenance of equipment
  • Vertical lacing channel with PDU mounts pre-installed on rear corners for easy cable management


  • Available in multiple size combinations to fit in a variety of environments
  • Adaptable for use in data center build outs, computer rooms or data closets

Key Features

  • Pre-installed recessed casters combine convenient mobility with minimal added height to provide additional stability
  • Brush cable entry slots at front and back of top panel and sliding panels on bottom
  • 31.5” wide x 31.5” deep
  • 3,000 lb. static load capacity
  • Ships fully assembled and can be configured with accessories to match your individual specifications
  • UL Listed 2416 NWIN

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