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Welcome to Cabinets, Enclosures, and Racks from ATEK Distribution – your ultimate destination for server cabinets, electrical equipment enclosures, and server racks. Whether you're looking to enhance your server room's organization, secure your electrical equipment, or streamline your data center infrastructure, ATEK Distribution's carefully curated product line will meet your unique requirements. Our commitment is to provide top-quality products that deliver superior functionality and ensure optimal performance of your electrical systems and data centers.

Explore our range of server cabinets designed to house and protect your vital IT and network equipment. At ATEK Distribution, we understand that managing complex server systems calls for products that prioritize easy access, optimal cooling, and robust security. That's why our server cabinets are engineered with precision to provide ample ventilation, ease of access, and robust security measures to safeguard your valuable equipment from unauthorized access and other potential hazards. Discover server cabinets of different sizes and specifications to cater to your diverse needs.

See our selection of electrical equipment enclosures, trusted by professionals across various industries. These are essential for housing electrical devices, ensuring they are protected from environmental factors such as dust, water, and accidental impacts. Our electrical equipment enclosures adhere to stringent quality standards, boasting durability and excellent resistance against environmental aggressors. From enclosures suited for heavy-duty industrial environments to those designed for smaller, less demanding setups, ATEK Distribution guarantees a solution for every scenario.

Browse our variety of server racks, designed to make your data center infrastructure efficient and manageable. Our server racks are the perfect blend of form and function, offering space-efficient solutions that help maximize floor space while ensuring your data centers' orderly arrangement and functionality. These racks are available in several formats, including wall-mounted and free-standing, allowing you to choose what best fits your requirements.

Conduit, Raceway and Cable Support

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Welcome to ATEK Distribution's "Conduit, Raceway, and Cable Support" category - your reliable source for electrical cabling conduit, wiring organization infrastructure, and cabling support solutions. We understand the crucial role that a well-organized cabling system plays in ensuring the smooth operation of electrical and data networks. Therefore, our carefully curated range of products provides you with superior functionality, safety, and easy installation to suit your specific project needs.

Our selection of electrical cabling conduit solutions is designed to protect and route your wiring securely and efficiently. With the perfect blend of durability and flexibility, these conduits provide an effective shield against external elements, thereby extending the lifespan of your wiring and reducing the risk of electrical faults. Whether your project demands rigid metallic conduits for heavy-duty applications or non-metallic conduits for flexibility, ATEK Distribution's electrical cabling conduit range is diverse enough to cater to all your needs.

Discover our assortment of wiring organization infrastructure that offers innovative solutions for managing and organizing your cables and wires. These products ensure that your wiring stays neat, identifiable, and easily accessible, thereby reducing the time and effort required for troubleshooting and maintenance. From cable trays and wire ducts to cable ties and markers, our wiring organization infrastructure will help you achieve a streamlined, clutter-free setup, enhancing safety and efficiency.

Additionally, we offer a wide array of cabling support products to help securely fasten your wires and cables. Our cabling support solutions range from cable clamps and cable blocks to support bars and brackets. These products are designed with robust materials to withstand the weight of cables and to resist environmental factors like heat and humidity. They help to prevent sagging and unnecessary strain on cables, thereby promoting the longevity of your electrical systems.Choose ATEK Distribution, where superior functionality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.


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The heart of your network, your datacomm infrastructure moves the information that runs your business. Count on ATEK for choice and quality in your network purchases.
Electrical Boxes

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Quality electrical boxes make the difference when you build our or expand your facility.
Electrical Distribution Equipment

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Proper distribution of electrical sources is essential for maintaining uptime and reliability.
EV Charging Stations

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Whether you need a home charging solution for personal use or you need complete solutions for businesses and corporate fleets, ATEK can get you industry-leading products at great prices.
Fasteners and Hardware

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Deciding on and using the correct electrical fitting ensures solid installations and peace of mind. ATEK has what you need to connect.
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Fittings are the generic term for specialty connectors that allow wire, cable, or flexible conduit to pass into an enclosure of some kind safely. Also, fittings will enable you to connect conduit while turning corners or rerouting the direction of the raceway. Transitions between systems are important in building a reliable infrastructure. ATEK has a huge array of fittings to meet your needs. Choose from quality manufacturers like American Fittings, Southwire, Scepter and Vericom.

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Electrical safety depends on reliable circuit breaking to keep things running. ATEK has the selection you need for your project.
Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning

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Climate control increases the life of your facility's equipment as well as the comfort of the staff. Keep your cool with ATEK. 
Industrial and Maintenance Supplies

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From cleaners to equipment, ATEK gives you a one stop shop for keeping your facility spotless.
Industrial Control and Automation

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Quality automation components keep your workflow up and running. ATEK has the control components to make it happen.
Industrial Control and Automation

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Get energy efficient lighting and lighting infrastructure to get the best ROI in the shortest possible time.
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Network and Wireless

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Keep all of your networking equipment safe and secure. Connected: Everywhere. Build out a robust network with the most popular brands and models from ATEK.
Power and Protection

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Quality of your current is paramount in keeping your equipment safe and sound. Protect your investment with products from ATEK. 

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Facility and staff safety is true north for any first-class organization. Get high quality equipment that meets or beats industry standards.
Security and Signaling

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Keeping your facility safe is no small feat. Buy quality security system components and create the ideal security plan for your organization.

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Renewable energy is becoming a requisite consideration in some applications. Make sure you have a source for the best support.
Solar Wiring Management System

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Wire and Cable

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Wire Termination and Supplies

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Wiring Devices

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