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enclosures racks cabinets

Cabinets, Enclosures and Racks

Your network infrastructure relies on industry standard, solidly built containing components to protect and house your hardware. Trust ATEK to provide you with the highest quality cabinets, enclosures and racks to build your business.

Conduit Raceway

Conduit, Raceway and Cable Support

Organization of your network infrastructure is fundamental for maintaining order and facilitating maintenance. Build your organizations network with the best.

Routers Switches DataComm


The heart of your network, your datacomm infrastructure moves the information that runs your business. Count on ATEK for choice and quality in your network purchases.

Electrical Boxes

Electrical Boxes

Quality electrical boxes make the difference when you build our or expand your facility.

Electrical load centers

Electrical Distribution Equipment

Proper distribution of electrical sources is essential for maintaining uptime and reliability.

Electrical Hardware Fasteners

Fasteners and Hardware

Deciding on and using the correct electrical fitting ensures solid installations and peace of mind. ATEK has what you need to connect.

Electrical Fittings


Transitions between systems are important in building a reliable infrastructure. ATEK has a huge array of fittings to meet your needs.

Fuses and Circuit Breakers


Electrical safety depends on reliable circuit breaking to keep things running. ATEK has the selection you need for your project.

Heating and Ventilation

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Climate control increases the life of your facility's equipment as well as the comfort of the staff. Keep your cool with ATEK.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial and Maintenance Supplies

From cleaners to equipment, ATEK gives you a one stop shop for keeping your facility spotless.

Industrial Control and Automoation

Industrial Control and Automation

Quality automation components keep your workflow up and running. ATEK has the control components to make it happen.

Commercial Lighting


Get energy efficient lighting and lighting infrastructure to get the best ROI in the shortest possible time.

Wireless router

Networking and Wireless

 Connected: Everywhere. Build out a modern wireless network with the most popular brands and models from ATEK.

UPS Surge protector

Power and Protection

Quality of your current is paramount in keeping your equipment safe and sound. Protect your investment with products from ATEK.

Safety equipment


Facility and staff safety is true north for any first-class organization. Get high quality equipment that meets or beats industry standards.

Security products

Security and Signaling

Keeping your facility safe is no small feat. Buy quality security system components and create the ideal security plan for your organization.

Solar Panels on a commercial rooftop


Renewable energy is becoming a requisite consideration in some applications. Make sure you have a source for the best support.

Electrical testing equipment

Tools and Testing

Testing gives you the data you need for continuous improvement. Get the highest quality instruments from ATEK and sleep easier.

Electrical power transmission lines


Get quality termination and utility products to complete your installation. 

Bulk Wire

Wire and Cable

Wire and cable are the veins of your operation. Get the right spec at the right price.

Electrical grounding

Wire Termination and Supplies

 Attention to details are key to building a complete, robust electrical infrastructure. 

Wiring products

Wiring Devices

Quality wiring devices are crucial for reliability and ease of installation. Choose from a wide variety of brands to ensure quality components for your electrical system.