Smart Circuit Breakers by Leviton: Available Now on

The circuit breakers in most homes aren’t smart, but they are intelligent enough to cut the power if the system experiences an overload. The problem is that these peak events ensure that homes are wired to run at maximum capacity at all times.

A smart circuit breaker empowers a home owner to actually do something about their energy consumption in real time. Controlled from a mobile app, homeowners are able to automate the process of shifting energy from unused appliances to functioning ones, or they can actually do it themselves.

For our contractors, this is a huge value add when convincing a client to upgrade their home's electrical infrastructure. Telling them they can control their home's electrical system with the mobile phone is certain to be a game changer.

Shop for smart circuit breakers online or, better yet, call us and let us give you the rundown on how these relatively new devices can benefit both residential and commercial clients.