EV Charging Stations: Available Today at ATEKDistribution.com

EV Charging Stations are now a critical infrastructure item that larger facilities and car dealerships among others have to have in order to be contenders in todays market. ATEK has the highest quality items from SemaConnect that range from home systems to high-end facilities needing high capacity for recharging fleets or customer vehicles.

 As SemaConnect describes it:

..."Designed with You in Mind

We make installation easy from nuts to volts, with pre-assembled units that any licensed electrician can install. Designed from premium parts, SemaConnect charging stations deliver performance you can count on with the industry’s highest uptime and a design that’s electric."...

ATEK has already sold to dealerships and facilities management groups to meet an ever-increasing demand for reliable, powerful EV charging stations. Call ATEK today or shop online and get started modernizing your locations.