Building Trust Between Electrical Contractors and Distributors

Photo by Medienstürmer on Unsplash

Uneventful. Predictable. Dare we say, Boring?

Those are the adjectives that make electrical contractors sleep well at night. They sleep well knowing that the products they need to complete the job will get where they need them to be without ceremony or drama. With any complex job, there are enough details to worry about without having to wonder if your materials will make it to the hands of the people doing your job. ATEK understands this all too well because our staff has been working with electrical contractors in one capacity or another for many years.

Are there any other traits EC's look for to ease their stress? How about a distributor that knows how to match up components to give you top performance at reasonable prices? We thought so. We know how to talk specifications with electrical contractors, and we know product lines too and can suggest alternatives if need be so you can maintain your schedule. Because we're so close to a wide variety of vendors, we can match them to your specific needs. And, if the spec absolutely must be followed to the letter, we can do that too.

The Post-COVID world has suffered massive supply chain disruptions that could take years to overcome. And while it is possible to get your product fulfilled through a vendor that's promising you the world, is your project's success really worth the risk? ATEK maintains close ties with major manufacturers and shoots straight about how long it is likely to take to get a component.

Do You Source Electrical Components Locally or Through a National Distributor?

It might be tempting to source your products from a national chain. But is this the best bet for your project? Given that technology has enabled many new businesses to sell products at competitive prices, if you find a local electrical parts distributor that has bought into the technology and is using it just like the big companies, do you go with them? The advantages are that you can boost your local economy and are far more likely to find a partner who understands your values and what your mission is. Yes, there is something to economies of scale but is that the only factor to consider when choosing a distributor. We think not.

Although ATEK features an ever-growing ecommerce presence, we encourage our contractors to call if there are any doubts in their minds about what they're working on. Sure, if you know what you need, go for it and buy from ATEK online! But if you're wondering what your options are, we believe it's better to talk to seasoned professionals than leave anything to chance. We might know about options you hadn't considered. Think the big distributors will give you that kind of service?

Certified Electrical Distributors Matter

ATEK strives to be recognized as a reliable, legitimate distributor with unique qualifications that make it a perfect fit for many government electrical contracts. ATEK Distribution Is a Certified SDVOSB (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business). It is recognized by both federal and state government agencies and has already participated in successful projects at the state and national levels. Most recently, ATEK has become certified with the NVBDC (National Veteran Business Development Council) and NAVOBA (National Veteran-Owned Business Association). Both of these organizations work to build opportunities for businesses run by dedicated professionals that can make a difference in how your projects run.

If you are looking to build strong professional relationships with an organization with the know-how and discipline to help you succeed and excel in your project execution, call ATEK today or visit our site to purchase online. You'll be glad you did.