ATEK has Roof Tech Inc. Solar Mounting Hardware in Stock!

ATEK Distribution has added a new line of industrial grade solar mounting hardware. That company is Roof Tech Inc. and they have, hands down, some of the best equipment available for mounting equipment on rooftops. Roof Tech is the first U.S. subsidiary of Yanegiken, a company renowned in Japan for more than four decades of innovative roofing technologies. Roof Tech brings these unique PV mounting solutions to the U.S. solar market. Headquartered in Southern California, our national sales teams are in place to provide superior service to installers and solar panel distributors throughout North America. They are available at the ATEK Online Store.

Roof Tech’s legacy is linked directly to Yanegiken Technology and Research Institute, our parent company in Japan, which was founded in 1968 to conduct research and development of new roofing technologies. Renowned for its culture of technical excellence and superb customer service, Yanegiken has earned a national reputation as a reliable provider of roofing solutions. Yanegiken specializes in roofing technologies and solar panel fittings that can withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Roof Tech products are based on Yanegiken’s own development and manufacturing capabilities representing more than four decades of research data.