At ATEK, Quality Products Begin With the Building Blocks Like Conduit and Raceway

ATEK Distribution is proud to announce that it is carrying high-quality conduit, raceway and cable support products from respected industry leading manufacturers. These products can be purchased in full bundle or smaller quantities. As prices fluctuate, call us at (651) 900-1476 and we will get your order placed right away.

Electrical conduit and elbows, couplings, and nipples are key components of the Atkore Electrical Raceway solution. We offer a full range of steel, aluminum and PVC conduits along with elbows, couplings, nipples, and fittings.

ATEK offers an extensive range of rigid Electrical Raceway products which deploy, isolate and protect a structure’s electrical circuitry from curb to outlet. Allied Tube & Conduit is a market leader that provides unmatched quality, delivery, and value by focusing on customer needs and sustainable excellence in strategy, people and processes. Our products are strategically stocked at distribution centers across the country to provide our customers with exceptional service and allow our customers to easily co-load steel conduit, PVC conduit, and aluminum conduit: one order, one shipment, one invoice.

Our suppliers focus on innovative solutions that support the electrical industry. Whether you are a distributor looking to improve inventory or an installer trying to be more efficient, Allied Tube & Conduit has the solution. Our customer focused approach has led to Allied Tube & Conduit developing innovative products such as E-Z Pull EMT, True Color EMT, Super Kwik-Fit EMT, Super Kwik-Couple IMC, and Super Kwik-Couple Rigid; all focused on saving you time & money.

ATEK carries all of the below components to meet your needs:
  • EMT and Galvanized Elbows, Sweeps, Couplings, and Nipples
  • No Thread Compression Couplings, Connectors & Watertight Hubs
  • Aluminum Combo Conduit Bodies w/gasket and cover LB, LR, LL, T, C
  • Malleable Iron Flexible Metal Conduit Squeeze Connectors
  • Box covers, mud rings, swivel fixtures, blank ups
  • Three Piece Couplings
  • Flexible Metal Conduit Liquidtight Connectors
  • EMT Steel Couplings and Connectors - Set Screw, Compression, Raintight
  • Non-Metallic Liquid Tight Conduit Connectors
  • Pedestrian Rated HDPE
  • Conduit Supports
  • Pulling Ropes Jack Chains
  • "Mounting Brackets Bar Hangers
  • Cable Supports"
  • Other Miscellaneous